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DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art Untitl11 DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art Softwa10 DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art Iiiiii12 DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art Untitl13 DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art Tetet10
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DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art

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DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art Empty DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art

Post by Admin Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:54 pm

DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art

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DAZ-3D - Carrara 8 Pro V. - 3D Art
English | Pc | Windows | Size: 615.73 Mb
Genre: Graphics Software
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Carrara Pro - a set of popular tools for creating, and rendering 3D
models,, and prepare high-quality three-dimensional animation. The
package contains many tools, and opportunities for professionals,
students, and lovers of three-dimensional graphics, including a drawing
in three dimensions, multi-pass rendering, and modeling objects vertex
with reference to other objects.

In addition to a wide range of software tools for modeling, and
animation offers a rich set of opportunities for export of materials.
COLLADA export module allows you to prepare for the export of models,
and scenes made for further processing in applications such as DAZ
Studio, and Adobe Photoshop.
Carrara eight Pro has a set of specific innovations, and improvements.
The professional version of the product provides support for 64-bit
systems, Mac, and Windows. A library of Bullet Physics Library will
allow more realistic simulation of the physical properties of hard, and
soft body. In its users would be modified through the illumination
modeling, and better tools to create interesting effects, and control
the direction of light, such that the rays of God, and the barn door.
Due to numerous user requests, the manufacturer is also included in the
application package, Puppeteer, simplifying the creation of
three-dimensional characters with realistic animations. Another popular
innovation is the increased support for network rendering.
A list of improvements from version 8 of Carrara has increased by 200
performance rendering of complex scenes, extensive support for data
formats FBX, and COLLADA,, and multithreading support for Mac, and
Windows, which can help reduce load on the processor when performing
computationally intensive. Users familiar with previous versions, will
appreciate the advanced modeling of vegetation. Including Carrara 8
would be to use custom templates, and textures to create unique leaves,
flowers, and fruits.

NEW PRO 64-bit for Mac OS, and Windows Work faster, and smarter that you enjoy your computer 64-bit hardware.
NEW Bullet Physics Library Pro Create, and edit rigid, and flexible
body for realistic animations, and exciting. Take advantage of a system
of solid particles, collision detection, and a remarkable speed engine
rigid body physics.
NEW Pro Rendering Optimizations network Get more control over your
render farm you easily add, and remove nodes via your master machine.
Made frames or buckets that you choose for greater protection against
data loss go. GRID to get even more power!
NEW Pro Lighting negative Photometrics Now you can work with negative
light, and photometric (IES) for even greater control over your
NEW Pro Mesh Installed Edition Now you can do important work of
cleaning, and details of your belongings while the model line is set or
shaped so you can see the results as you work. Creation Morph allows
you to use modeling tools Carrara great to make your own morph targets,
and easily register as a cursor parameter in your existing figure.
NEW multi threading for MAC, and WIN OS to distribute the load on your CPU intensive calculations.
NEW Improved FBX, and COLLADA data exchange models Take rigged, and
animated directly in your favorite game engines, as UnityTM,, and see
how your experience can be rich with your own, or at DAZ 3Ds options
existing content. In addition, the import of a variety of popular
formats, and / or export your work to, and from other special packages
including LightWave, Adobe After Effects, 3DS, LWO, PSD,, and more.
Further improvements Plant & Vegetation templates, and add unique
textures leaves, flowers, fruit, and more. You can also use a variety
of objects of different leaves per plant for natural variations.
Get new optimizations made over 200 improvements in performance when
rendering complex scenes using your high-end Mac or Windows.
NEW Rays God, and barn doors harness the creative power of divine rays,
and control of the barn doors you design a better-quality lighting for
your scenes. The laboratory also has strong light control on the
lighting direction, intensity, and tinting from one or more sources to
ensure a more accurate production of real-world environments.
NEW Normal Maps View normal maps in both the real-time display, and rendering time.
NEW Puppeteer for Carrara You asked,, and you got it. Puppeteer
introduction to Carrara. This tool contains as seen in DAZ Studio, and
has been fully integrated for use with any animation project Carrara.
3D painting, and UV Edition / unfolding 3D painting tool that allows
textures to be selected, edited, and painted directly on an object.
Also a new UV editor that shows a 3D view of the mesh, a 2D UV values
The polygon vertices, and a set of tools to manipulate them.
Rendering options to a new level of realism in your scenes with soft
shadows, blurred reflections, garbled transmissions, real ambient
lighting, caustics, global illumination, ambient occlusion, HDRI,
Motion Blur, Subsurface Scattering, Catch shadow, transparency with
absorption, depth of Field,, and more. And with the Multi Pass
rendering, you can edit or modify images without having to re-render.
Vertex modeling, and symmetrical Streamline the modeling process in
both houses of modeling, and the Assembly. Ideal for creating, and
editing something for the characters, and vehicles. This feature allows
users to change both sides of a symmetrical object at the same time.
Content Figure LOD support Includes support for the figures of content with multiple levels of detail (LOD).
Nonlinear track groups of animation using Carrara to create animations
This tool will merge following an improved interface to create groups
of tracks,, and reduce or enlarge the tracks in these groups.
Animation capabilities, and Web Create Web animations, generate
thumbnail images, preview them in storyboard format,, and create
virtual tours using QuickTime.
Dynamic hair with hair, and fur dynamics modeling / simulation feature,
you can paint, cut, brush, and shade hair to bring to your life, and
make realistic images with ease.
Image Editing Tools Import 2D images from a variety of formats,
transform them into 3D objects, then incorporate them into your scenes.
Creation of the landscape, and with the Assistant Landscap presets
quickly, and easily produce remarkably realistic landscapes, impressive
fantasy worlds, and other dynamic scenes. Also included are presets for
the lands, waters, skies, rocks, clouds, fog,, and more.
Intuitive user interface Enjoy handy palettes to create, and edit
scenes design objects,, and render final images quickly, and easily.
Texture Editor Easily import, create, and edit texture presets, then save them as new textures for future use.
Displacement Modeling You can paint detail on a model with greater ease
using the free form brush almost as if you were modeling with clay.
Simulating the primitive ocean ocean surface, this feature can be used
to create both still, and animated oceans. You will be able to control
the waves, more speed, and wind direction


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